Consultation Areas

Training Services

USFWS Deputy Chief Gary Mowad (Retired) is
available to provide training to businesses,
corporations, government entities, schools,
universities; state and local law enforcement
personnel, environmental organizations, and
Non-Governmental Organizations.

Working through the Federal Law Enforcement
Training Center, Deputy Chief Mowad, taught a
variety of environmental courses to United
Stated Fish and Wildlife Service, Special Agent
Basic Training classes for more than a decade.

In addition to his USFWS experience, his
expertise was utilized by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency and National
Park Service to provide training at their
respective training academies.

He trained rangers in Africa to help stop
poaching of elephants and rhinoceros and
worked in Brazil to stop illegal logging in the
Amazon rainforest.

Areas of Training Expertise

  • Endangered Species Act

  • Migratory Bird Treaty Act

  • Eagle Protection Act

  • Lacey Act

  • Airborne Hunting Act

  • Marine Mammal Protection Act

  • Rhino Tiger Act

  • Environmental Contaminants Investigations

  • Undercover Operations

  • Natural Resource Flying Techniques

  • Conservation Leadership

Maintaining the Balance Between Economic Growth and Environmental Stewardship

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