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Curriculum Vitae

Gary G. Mowad:


  • National United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) expert on the Endangered Species Act, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and Eagle Protection Act (Retired from USFWS 2/2013)

  • Directed law enforcement policy and protocols regarding wind power caused avian mortality and avian mortality in oil and gas production fields

  • Developed law enforcement protocols and policy regarding wildlife mortality caused by pesticides

  • National USFWS expert on wildlife mortality caused by oil spills and raptor mortality caused by power line electrocution

  • Criminal and civil Lacey Act cases

  • Airborne Hunting Act violations

  • Marine Mammal Protection Act

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act (CAFRA)

  • Federal grand jury and federal court experience

  • Federal Court Witness/Depositions


Senior Executive Fellow, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Masters of Science Degree, University of Texas at El Paso, Major- Zoology

Bachelor of Science Degree, Stephen F. Austin State University, Major- Biology/Geology



Federal Senior Executive Service Certified

Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot's License, Department of Interior certified low-level mission pilot

Top Secret Security Clearance

Teaching Certificate, Composite Science, Texas Education Agency



Burnside Environmental Group, LLC (BEG)

Austin, Texas  

Member of Burnside Environmental Group which works on behalf of clients throughout the United States to:

  • respond to, document, and evaluate environmental incidents and events

  • conduct corporate internal investigations

  • locate and interview witnesses and former employees

  • assist counsel in identifying relevant witnesses to depose

  • assist the litigation team with their responses to receipt of requests for information, subpoenas and executions of search warrants

  • evaluate regulatory inspection results

  • audit existing environmental compliance plans and environmental management systems

  • evaluate the government’s sampling procedures and analytical protocols

  • investigate maritime pollution incidents

  • investigate toxic tort claims

  • train workers on environmental compliance issues

  • provide technical testimony on environmental issues

Gary Mowad Environmental Consulting, LLC (GMEC)

Austin, Texas

Founder and managing member of GMEC which provides professional wildlife and environmental compliance services to governmental and industrial clients. Services include but are not limited to Endangered Species Act compliance reviews, Migratory Bird Treaty Act consultations, Eagle Protection Act cases involving wind power and oil production fields, response to oil spills with wildlife mortalities, and expert witness testimony.


Texas State Administrator for Ecological Services, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Austin, Texas

Responsibilities of the Texas State Administrator for the USFWS Ecological Service’s Division included, but were not limited to, supervision of USFWS biologists throughout Texas. Duties included supervising the listing process for species proposed for listing as endangered or threatened, the recovery of listed species, and the establishment of conservation banks.


Deputy Chief, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Office of Law Enforcement
Arlington, Virginia

Responsibilities of the Deputy Chief for the USFWS law enforcement program included setting national and regional enforcement priorities, managing the program’s $63 million annual budget; managing a staff of 200 Special Agents, 135 Wildlife Inspectors, and 165 administrative staff; a vehicle fleet, an aviation program, office space requirements, and training needs for the law enforcement program.  Responsibilities also included supervising the operations of the National Wildlife Forensics Laboratory, the Undercover Investigations Unit, the Evidence Repository, the National Computer Forensics Unit, and the Wildlife Inspection Program. Duties also included meeting with industry trade groups, Congressional members, foreign government representatives, and other Federal bureau heads.


Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Office of Law Enforcement

Lakewood, Colorado

Responsibilities of the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the USFWS Mountain-Prairie Region included managing the USFWS law enforcement program in eight western states.  This included total responsibility over the investigative, administrative, and the budgetary components of the law enforcement program. It also required coordinating with other federal bureau heads in the region, meeting with Congressional members and/or their senior staff on complex and controversial issues, and coordinating with the leaders of State and Tribal wildlife law enforcement programs in the region.


While detailed as acting Deputy Regional Director, responsibilities included supervising the development and publication of the Lynx Critical Habitat Proposed Rule, the development and publication of the Gray Wolf ESA 10J Rule, and the development and publication of the Gray Wolf delisting Proposed Rule


Assistant Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Office of Law Enforcement
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Responsibilities of the Assistant Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the USFWS Southwest Region included managing the USFWS law enforcement program in four southwestern states, including total oversight over the investigative, administrative and the budgetary components of the law enforcement program. 


Senior Special Agent, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Office of Law Enforcement,

Arlington, Virginia 

While working in the USFWS Headquarters Office responsibilities included developing new wildlife law enforcement policy, writing regulations; interacting with INTERPOL and the State Department, working with foreign governments, and serving as a subject matter expert for the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the Eagle Protection Act, and the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act.


Special Agent/Regional Pilot, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Office of Law Enforcement
Lakewood, Colorado

Responsibilities included working as a field Special Agent and Natural Resource Pilot. Areas of expertise included wildlife mortality linked to pesticides, other environmental contaminants, and oil production fields. Accomplishments included leading an interagency taskforce to address wildlife mortality; as well as, impacts to ground and surface water caused by oil and gas production.


Special Agent, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Office of Law Enforcement
Golden, Colorado; Rosemont, IL; Anchorage, Alaska

Duties included all areas of investigative work performed by USFWS Special Agents, as well as Natural Resource Pilot duty. Areas of expertise included wildlife mortality linked to pesticides and other environmental contaminants, and interstate transport of unlawfully taken wildlife.


Quarantine Officer, U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, El Paso, Texas


Responsibilities included enforcing the quarantine laws dealing with the importation and exportation of quarantined animal and plant products.  The position involved working independently along the U.S. border regulating the flow of restricted and illegal agricultural and animal commodities. 



  • Gold Medal Environmental Achievement Award, United States Environmental Protection Agency

  • Meritorious Service Award, Department of Interior in recognition of my achievements and leadership related to the inception, development, and implementation of the very successful Rocky Mountain Region environmental contaminants program.  



  • Euthanasia Related Avian Mortality, A veterinarian’s guide, USFWS, 2005

  • Investigating Pesticide Related Avian Mortality, USFWS. 2004

  • Protocols for Investigating Wildlife Mortality in Oil and Gas Production Fields. USFWS, 2003

  • Policy Guide to the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act. USFWS 2001

Maintaining the Balance Between Economic Growth and Environmental Stewardship

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