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Don’t face the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or the EPA alone.

Working with federal wildlife and environmental regulations can be very complex. 

When dealing with federal biologists or environmental regulators, you need a professional who knows the government’s rule book, Gary Mowad, GMEC founder, is just that professional.

As a former United States Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement Deputy Chief, he not only enforced the government’s rulebook, he was involved in the writing of numerous regulations and guidelines for the agency.

His first-hand experience with conservation and environmental regulations provides you the unique knowledge necessary to adjudicate your case, or advance your project through the often confusing maze that is government regulation.

Now a member of the Burnside Environmental Group, Mr. Mowad will now be adding his expertise to their already extensive team of environmental professionals. 

What is Really Prohibited by the ESA?


MBTA and Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act



When Voluntary Payments Become Mandatory



Our mission is to help others reach a balance between economic development and environmental stewardship. 
We will help you stay in full compliance with federal wildlife and environmental protection regulations while still ensuring
the growth of your company and community.

Maintaining the Balance Between Economic Growth and Environmental Stewardship

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